Part 4

Using Byron Jost’s unfinished film, ‘Minority Report’, part four of Goy Guide to World History documents the caustic impact of Freudianism, the Frankfurt School, and Boasian anthropology on America’s mind and soul.

Featured are Kevin MacDonald (Culture of Critique), E Michael Jones (The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History), and three other Jew-conscious goyim, Canadian Paul Fromm (Stormfront Radio), James Joseph Sanchez, PhD; and to date an unidentified academic, the Unknown Scholar.

Documented here is the extraordinary multi-prongued assault on Christian and/or ethnic cultures, leaving Jewish identity intact.

Have you ever wondered how academia in N. America became so Jewish? A good part of the answer is offered by the Unknown Scholar in this very video (and very few other places, it seems):

β€œOne of the questions about the spread of the Frankfurt School of ideology in the United States and especially in universities is how they jumped so quickly from being a handful of people in key universities, to dominating the university system. It was their presence throughout the system. While Boasian anthropology was spread by a careful process of the development of cadre and placing them in key positions over the course of a generation, the Frankfurt School came to ascendancy all across American higher education. And this has always remained kind of a mystery but I think part of the mystery is explained by the role of the New School of Social Research and its agenda – which was to credential Jewish refugees from Europe, before, during and after World War II. These people were credentialed in a very pro-forma manner. Very few of them did anything like what we would consider course work. They were simply given advanced degrees. They turned out torrents of PhDs, and moreover this was part of a broader stream of European Jews, many with phony credentials coming into the United States at the very moment of the largest expansion of the American university system in its history, which was during the GI Bill after WWII. Suddenly there was a need for thousands of new professors. And these could not be conservatives because they were still politically risky after WWII. But Jews were considered to be ‘morally pure’ because of their terrible suffering. And their credentials were never looked at too closely. Suddenly there were thousands, tens-of-thousands of new professors – and they all held this ideology, which was an ideology based on advancing their own interests.”

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